by Piff PCH

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released September 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Piff PCH California

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Track Name: Mourning Sonshine
‘Mourning Sonshine’

The sky’s falling

Whole world hung over
Don’t hear me calling

The voice in the wilderness
with militant apparel
The pharaoh a summons often

Its like its something in the air
I swear to H.A.A.R.P man

Blowing magma clouds of that loud
Cheddar sharp on artisan

The dark hearts of men
The s___ I hardly regard
Slip from my yawning pen
At dawn, when I’m pondering

Land of the ponzi schemes
The King ain’t got no ankh with him
Esteemed by MA’AT
Try that thought, by the thought of it

that s thrice where the eye
See Christ in his confidant, confident..

Reason why I walk like a giant!?!

They want my birthright, the Earth, or a lion share
I ain’t cursed
Verses from the Most High, the brightest “flare”

Feel in the dark of the night
Its right here
Light years flash in nano seconds it’s weird

Beware of the bar-bary
The flow with no fear

Shorties never hear..

Thats why you skip class

Thumb through the classics
Knowing truth will never pass

Some nghz dumb, shoot uzi’s wrong..moving mass
Murder music, blood curdling raps..

The traps active, or its backlashes
Purple stashed in Herschel backpacks

The shot heard round the world
Is gas for the ghastly ghost of Moorish gold
So we coming for it now

Glory of the untold
No f_____ with the style
The beat jump, but its nothing
I shut it down

Sucka Free
Culture the key
Thats no doubt!

[we ochea]
Track Name: The War On Drums
The wormwood sipper
With the bitters and the backwoods

Bottom paper
Bottom line
Gotta really stack good

Tryna touch the top of the tetrahedron, that could..
Change a heathen to deity, where they track us..

They attacking the mind
Heavily taxing us so..

You surrender your soul, keep you apart from divine

Party hard, party all the time..
Long as time being
You don’t do no boss s___
You just fall in line

I carve blocks
Haul ‘em with my mind
Build pyramids in rhyme form
The frequency is light

Redefine what the spit do
Privy to the shine

Don’t be trippin’ off how PIFFY gig
Stick with ya’ design..

Figure my wit tailored to size…
The vivid I script, witness with eyes

B____ on my dick, it won’t suffice.

Let NGHZ hate
My love is the greatest, savoring life..

I seen it all from the top of the cul-de-sac
Because I walk with Yah, nah not cause I’m savvy [fact]

I know nothing at all
But I’m watching my hemiz back
Holding the family down
Notice the daily acts

They calling it sacrafice
I know where my babies at

Thats why I hold my nuts on stage, and they react
Maybe I’m the rebel with the balls
To level every office
Every senior officer frequents, lethal with drawl..

Maybe peeped me on Pico with grease all on my paws
Waffle up in my jaws
But ain’t nothing sweet

I freak beats
Free a b___ mind, see the Queen
on my King s____

Thrones of angels control the streets..

Imps, trolls, and devils patrol deep
I’m rollin’
“These nghz cain’t hold me”....

Back… OG

“Stack gold please”
Thats a quote

I know its no rest

The BOLD never sleep
Never known defeat

On the land 10 down for the SE
Standing at the World Stage, roses at my feet..

Top rank doh doh in a bowl as I chief..
Asiatic BLK Man
Autochthonous fa’sheez

Pure steez
No joking

Rakim/Eric B. with them stupid gold ropes NGH!
Track Name: Eyes Wide Shut
Wool over your eyes
No surprises

Initiated like Hiram
Get your guises
Enterprise with your persona, shut it wide then…

Hide yourself, supply the wealth: TYRANT

Top Five on the ignorant mind:

B____ & Kine
Vintage designer s___ that define..the lack of divine knowledge of the black they deny

Back of the hand
Pimp s___
Back on my grind
[you feel me]

My young bulls clackin’ the ‘9
Active in broad day...Keish in ‘The Carter’ all high..

Tellem “rock-a-baby” if the parties oblige
Missile-a-fly from an unmanned craft, can’t lie..

Catastrophic rap posthumous with ominous signs
Its Amun, eating ramen with the commoners why!?!

Kamakaze captured by Kong, snapped in a bong..
How I got it packed down now, focusing fire
Its on!

Dope than a m____________
Broke than a m____________
Whirlwind traveling the coast on production

It’s hope for the melanated man
With flows structured, like the ‘Holy Temple’
Simple in its function

Keep the complex jookin’ good through the summer

Trunk rattle funk
Spill Craft on the come up
Don’t write raps about a cat, run up

Get ya’ money
Get ya life
NGH shut up

It’s two ways to take everything, but instructions

Listen to the narrative..
Beware frontin’

There you have it, classic for the “under”

Animal style fries, burger torn asunder
Gyea I’m on one, the only quotes could run ya’

Cold killing ‘em
Oh, but call me California

Code to the letter
8th & G ain’t another



The Stars
The Moon
The Sun
& everything

[you see it’s just]

One (5x)

The kings
The gawds
Could fool ya’

[but soon you’ll see there can only be]

(repeat to adlibs/fade)
Track Name: Dark Sayings
I wrote this on a whim
In a dim lit corner full zen
Pullin on a zig zag
Light as the wind

FLGHT what we call it..
Not answer to the triv
Mind ain’t altered

Higher consciousness
Guide me to the altar

By my own admission, I’m nobody


Each hair follicle
Accounted for like our thoughts
It fall like autumn

And speaking of the equinox
The surface where I’m spotted
Muur often than not
On Earth
A sure topic

Top Shelf Clothiers options, got me preoccupied
So I unwrap the day like a condom

It’s kinda like
You know you got a gift
But you f____ round
F___ it
Life’s a double entendre

Take it how you wanna

I ain’t gotta break it down for ya’

Wait for it..


Shadows in the night
Water in the distant
Iridescent light

And here it is dusk
Where the f___ s____ obliged

And such is life, for the zombified hype
Wandering the barren Earth
Pondering the plight

No wonder why we FLGHTD
All the day long
And everything in my sight

I prayed for..
So I can say on a mic

It ain’t soul as live
The ancient scroll could show you
That bright..

& just to let you know
Noble is the title Stokely hold
So bold is the stride

Dope goes only so far in the mind
So the flow might resemble the intangible in time

It flies from the mandible
Ill mechanics
Spill continual
Ism is automatic

“When dealing with the sheeple that is”- Imagine
Track Name: Passion
Couldn’t be about much
If you don’t love it
To the point, that you would bleed for the lust of it

[believe it]

Cake ain’t the struggle
Understanding of self, that’s a must yo

Bust a NGH bubble..
Oh whoever ain’t privy, this be the hustle

Be yourself
Wealth it doubles for the diligent
The doers who due
Full benefits

Who do we think we are!?!

Or do we even think at all!?!

[I’m talking]


Seeing the “big picture”
Find yourself in the midst like Waldo
Back up off the wall
Its a party
Lets go!
Track Name: Like
They awoke
Sayers of ya’ favorite quotes
Stay afloat

Vapor smoke
Paper or smoked porter
There they go..

Feria fixin’ to turn gold
Shh...turnt listen
Did a 180, I been grown..

In every pocket properly pivoted with a poem

Its a battleground now

Where the weekend go
Heat a cohiba
Eat & zone
PYT’s around
Soulection preferred
To each his own

The beach is ours
Get leaf
Roll roll

Call me..Big Chief SloMo

Pour the henny on
The city of prayer hands and palms

The rarest with a psalm
believe it
Its zone all season

No more forth and back
Its NW Amexem’s best
Steady in course


Back to the skills
No strategy
no apathy…

You get killed
And thats life?

It happens in flash

Make it magic
Rabbit out the hat
Potion in a flask

Bask in the moments that you know will never last
Then ash dro
Sip on that hoegaarden
& splash

Head first NGH
The turf riddled me that
This renaissance
Diligent work you deem “Rap”

Been on mines
If we talkin’ gritty this

Let dividends stack

Yet the difference in the hood
When you giving it back

[but listen]

Back to this backwood..

However you catch flight
That’s good..

I’m cold off
2 hours sleep
Nouns deep in my blackbook

Brown up like the TRK would
“Turn down, you aint active”

Be about it 25/8
Proufound how it slap huh!?!